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LonghornMax software is now part of CattleMax Online

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Upgrading to the latest version

CattleMax Online is designed to feel as comfortable to Texas Longhorn breeders as LonghornMax. Rest assured that all of the familiar LonghornMax features (horn measurement history, trophy steers, photos, TLBAA herd download, etc) are available in CattleMax Online - simply go to Account Settings and enable Texas Longhorn features.

An added benefit is that ranchers can manage their cattle from any Internet-connected computer, tablet, or smartphone.

CattleMax Online is also affordably priced, starting at $9/month for commercial ranches and $14/month for registered ranches. A free trial is available and your records can be imported from LonghornMax or TLBAA during your trial.

Please note that technical support / customer service is no longer available for LonghornMax. To receive technical support / customer service, please upgrade to the latest version - CattleMax Online.